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Quality is a habit, not an act! We are passionate for delicious food, thirst quenching beers and a smokey grill and we do our best to serve you that. Every single day.

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At Bono bar restaurant, nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our Customers and our family of Associates. In our restaurant, we are putting a great deal of emphasis on the procedures that support our high standards in the areas of cleanliness and health. 

We are taking several safety precautions in our restaurants, including:

  • Daily pre and after work cleaning all areas of the restaurant 
  • Providing surgical masks and gloves for all staff to wear while serving our Customers
  • The use of signage and markings to reinforce the important principle of appropriate physical distancing when we have the opportunity

Every day, we hold ourselves to very high cleanliness and health standards that are designed to maintain and sterilize a safe and healthy environment in our restaurant. In addition, we remain vigilant in learning more about this disease by monitoring developments closely and keeping informed of additional recommendations from public health agencies. As well as keeping our staff well informed about the health and safety regulations. 

Thank you to our loyal Customers for your continued confidence and trust in our people and our company.


Our delicious


Bonolicious beef burger.

Melted Mozzarella, bbq sauce and rocket.
Μπιφτέκι με Mozzarella ρόκα και σάλτσα μπάρμπεκιου.


Blue cheese & mustard beef burger. / Μπιφτέκι με τυρί blue cheese και μουστάρδα.


Prawn symphony with white or pink, dill sauce. / Γαρίδες με λευκή ή ροζ σάλτσα με άνηθο.


Schnitzel Parmigiana pork or chicken / Παναρισμένο χοιρινό στέικ ή κοτόπουλo

Topped with basil tomato sauce and melted cheese.
Παναρισμένο χοιρινό στέικ με σάλτσα από ντομάτα βασιλικό και λιωμένο τυρί.


Chicken fungi with mushroom cream sauce / Κοτόπουλο και μανιτάρια σε κρεμώδη σάλτσα

Chicken and mushroom with cream sauce.
Κοτόπουλο με μανιτάρια και σάλτσα φρέσκιας κρέμας.


Salmon steak served with vinaigrette / Φιλέτο σολομού με βότανα και βινεγκρέτ εσπεριδοειδών


Chicken breast Marinated tender and juicy. / Μαριναρισμένο ζουμερό φιλέτο από στήθος κοτόπουλου.


Bono - Pork chop / Χοιρινή μπριζόλα Bono





Pork in tomato sauce with sweet peas potatoes and salad. / Χοιρινό κοκκινιστό με μπιζέλι, πατάτες και σαλάτα.




Beans with carrot and celery.
Φασόλια βραστά με σέλινο και καρότο.

Lentil ragout with yoghurt.
Φακές με ρύζι και γιαούρτι.

Black eyed peas with Swiss chard and tuna salad.
Λουβί μαυροματί με λαχανά και τονοσαλάτα.

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